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choose the future.
choose Baden-Württemberg.

Explore your roadmap to living, studying, and researching in Europe’s innovation hub. The state of Baden-Württemberg has the largest number of renowned universities in Germany and is known for its outstanding quality of research and academic instruction.


Baden-Württemberg also features Germany’s most diverse educational landscape with top research universities, universities of applied sciences, a cooperative state university, universities of education, and academies of fine arts and music. The cities invite you to discover cultural and culinary highlights while the surrounding hills, lakes, and mountains offer excellent outdoor adventures. This is your entrance into an exciting future.



Join us for a better tomorrow

Baden-Württemberg is at the forefront of academic research and instruction. Many Nobel prize winners did their most important work in one of the state’s universities and research institutions. Join a network of bright minds who are working on the future of mobility, health, energy, and digitalization.

choose the future. choose Baden-Württemberg.

Baden-Württemberg is the place where renowned universities, independent research institutions, companies such as the famous carmaker Porsche and the software giant SAP as well as highly innovative start-ups work together to find solutions for a better tomorrow. They create the future of mobility, health, nutrition and life sciences, and our digital future. This unique network offers you the opportunity to contribute to new ways of working, living, traveling, learning and moving. What are you waiting for? Start your journey now.

Start your journey now.

Baden-Württemberg has more than 70 universities and over 100 research institutions with more than 360,000 students. They form a science network that is unparalleled in Germany and offers students and young scientists unique career opportunities. Whether you are considering Heidelberg, Stuttgart, Konstanz or Freiburg or any other location, the opportunities to learn, research, live and work are endless. Find out what each location has to offer.

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Baden-Württemberg offers excellent opportunities for academic work in important future-oriented areas. But don’t just take our word for it. See for yourself how students and researchers are thriving in a stimulating and supportive environment and watch our three-part video series about two international engineering students at the University of Stuttgart.

Young researchers shape the future

The future of academic research lies in the hands of young researchers. That’s why the state of Baden-Württemberg created the right environment in which young academics can thrive. This includes partnerships between universities, research institutes and companies as well as financial support and grants. In 2023, 20 young scientists from the Universities of Heidelberg, Freiburg, Konstanz, Tübingen and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology as well as from prestigious research institutions like the German Cancer Research Centre and the Max Planck Society were awarded prestigious “Starting Grants” by the European Research Council (ERC). The ERC supports outstanding research projects with up to 1.5 million Euros. The fact that young scientists from four universities in Baden-Württemberg received this important grant shows the strength, depths and importance of the scientific work done by the next generation in science in Baden-Württemberg.