Sports and cultural activities for a work-study-life balance

You chose Baden-Württemberg for its excellent opportunities to study and do research. And, as you’re about to discover, the southwestern German state also offers a high quality of life with many sports and leisure activities ranging from relaxed hikes in beautiful surroundings and yoga to competitive sports. There are also many cultural events from concerts to theater plays and museums.

Baden-Württemberg is a great place to start or advance your academic career. But the southwestern German state offers much more than that. It is a great place to live, whether you are a student or researcher and whether you are here alone or with your family.

Outdoor activities

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, you’ll find great places to explore in Baden-Württemberg. The Swabian Alps, the Black Forest, Lake Constance and the Danube Valley are just a few of the natural attractions Baden-Württemberg has to offer.

Baden-Württemberg is a heaven for hiking, biking and mountain biking. Outdoor enthusiasts will find many well-maintained routes in all areas of the state. Some routes lead you along picturesque vineyards, majestic castles and pleasant natural sights. Others require more technical skills and feature breathtaking ascents and thrilling descents. Some routes are great for families, others are better suited for super-fit hikers or bikers in search of a challenge.

Lake Constance along with other lakes and rivers offer great watersports opportunities ranging from sailing, waterskiing, wakeboarding to diving, river rafting, kayaking and stand-up-paddling. Baden-Württemberg also features many waterparks with waterslides, artificial currents, wave pools and mineral spas.

In Baden-Württemberg, you can do outdoor sports year-round. While hiking, biking, climbing and watersports are popular in the warmer months, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing are great activities during the winter. There is also some downhill skiing in the Black Forest area.


University sports

Most universities in Baden-Württemberg have great sports facilities including gyms, swimming pools, tennis or squash courts, indoor climbing facilities, soccer fields, athletic stadiums. They offer intramural sports or fitness classes ranging from aerobics to Zumba through university sports (Hochschulsport).

Taking part in sports activities organized by your university is not only a great opportunity to keep fit and to balance the demands of your work and study activities, it is also a great way to meet other students. You may get to know people by attending the same fitness classes, play soccer together or meet at a pick-up game of basketball.

It you are a competitive athlete, check with your university if they have competitive training facilities and teams. Your team may be participating in competitions such as the German University Championships and the World University Games.


Sports clubs

In Germany, sports clubs are an important part of the social fabric of a community. People share a hobby and often have a clubhouse where they meet for a drink or a bite to eat after training. Because sport clubs receive public support, fees are usually low. Sport clubs make many sports accessible to the community and often have divisions for competitive athletes and amateurs.


Joining a sports club is a great way to learn more about life and culture in Baden-Württemberg, to make new friends and to live an active and healthy life. If you are coming to Baden-Württemberg as a scientist with your family, sport clubs can be a great way for you, your spouse and your children to be active and make new friends.

Theater, museums, concerts, and movies

Culturally, Baden-Württemberg has a lot to offer. There are many museums and theater performances for a wide variety of interests. The music scene is also very active. The choices range from classical to punk rock with everything in between. You may even want to join a theater club, a music club, a choir or a band – there are many opportunities for all levels of ability and interest. Check online or with local magazines, newspapers and flyers – they are most likely able to point you in the right direction – on or off campus.