Baden-Württemberg is your portal to the future

In Baden-Württemberg, you find excellent academic opportunities and renowned businesses alongside cultural and leisure activities.

Baden-Württemberg has it all: Whether you want to start your studies or advance your career in academia, Baden-Württemberg as the top European center of innovation and research has countless opportunities in store. The close collaboration between regional and global businesses in the area and the many universities and research centers bring extra innovative power to the region.

High quality of life

Baden-Württemberg is also known for its beautiful landscapes, its world-class cultural events, and its friendly cities. A wide range of leisure activities ensure a good work-life-balance and a family-friendly atmosphere. The international teams and collaborations at the universities and research institutes as well as the welcoming culture provide great networking opportunities and inspiring surroundings for students, researchers and scientists from all over the world.

BW: Great work, great life

Baden-Württemberg is a great place to live. It offers excellent academic education, research opportunities and a variety of career paths.

Success factor internationality

Baden-Württemberg has many international ties in business and academia. Around 14 percent of students at Baden-Württemberg and many researchers come from abroad and ensure a lively international academic exchange.

Baden-Württemberg has it all

From classical concerts to cycling and rock climbing – Baden-Württemberg has a lot to offer. The university cities allow for an active student life. The beautiful natural surroundings are ideal for outdoor enthusiasts.