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A group of international scientists checked out career opportunities in the field of physiology and medicine in the German Southwest. Video Music: Canva / Park Lane

Future science elite discovers THE LÄND

A select group of junior scientists from all over the world took the chance to get to know Baden-Württemberg following the Nobel Laureate Meetings in Lindau.

Taking the decision and planning carefully where to go next is part of the career paths of international scientists. However, to have the opportunity to talk directly to new potential employers and get to know the destinations’s environment and culture is an exception. Yet, this can be very helpful as the Baden-Württemberg trip of a delegation of junior scientists from different countries from 30 June to 8 July 2023 following the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings in Lindau, Germany shows.

THE LÄND tour following the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings

Every year, Baden-Württemberg International (BW_i), the state’s central location marketing agency for business and science in and for the German Southwest, organizes the delegation and chooses its participants. Traditionally, they learn about the state’s study and research options with a focus on the Lindau Meeting’s theme.

This year, 17 junior scientists from 15 countries took a close look at what the German Southwest has to offer in the field of physiology and medicine.

Besides visiting the state universities of Konstanz, Tübingen and Freiburg, the delegation learned about  the close collaboration of industry and science and applied science in Baden-Württemberg when stopping by lighthouses of innovation such as the Cyber Valley, Europe’s largest research consortium in the field of artificial intelligence,  the NMI Natural and Medical Science Institute or the Health and Life Science Alliance Heidelberg Mannheim.

Furthermore, the international researchers were able to experience the beauty and recreational opportunities of the state during leisure time in the picturesque university cities of Tübingen, Freiburg and Heidelberg and the state capital Stuttgart.

Baden-Württemberg: A future home with great potential

Here’s what this year’s participants personally experienced and enjoyed during their trip and how they benefited from this special delegation format:

Chryso Th. Pallari, Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the University of Nicosia Medical School:

„I decided to join the Baden-Württemberg Post-Conference Program because I was amazed by the opportunity to visit many prestigious universities and engage with researchers from a diverse set of fields. I felt this program would help me identify my own research niche and explore career paths. What especially impressed me was to see that the application of Artificial Intelligence plays a key role almost everywhere in research here. For me, one of the trip’s highlights was the Cyber Valley, including its location in the beautiful town of Tübingen, where we had dinner close to the river. It is actually the most beautiful city I’ve visited in Germany so far. Baden-Württemberg gave me the opportunity to get to know its research landscape in a very special way. All the research institutes we visited warmly welcomed us and showed us their eagerness to collaborate with each one of us.“

Gabriel Peinado Allina, Neuroscientist and Postdoctoral fellow at Aalto University, Finland:

„I am very interested in the German Southwest as a region to potentially continue my research and professional career because it seems like a region with many research possibilities that also has a beautiful landscape.

It was cool to see that in Baden-Württemberg, they’re using new machine learning technologies in my research field „Neuroscience“. One of my highlights was Freiburg. The city surprised me in how green and lush it was. I also felt there was a good, vibrant energy there.“

Lynn Nazareth, Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO):

„I wanted to find out what kind of research happens within the state. I am halfway through my fellowship, so I am quite interested in future fellowship opportunities. My personal highlight of the trip was the visit at NMI because I feel the work they do is relevant to mine. I found their research about organ-on-chip and their work with multi-electrode array especially interesting and I could really see a research collaboration potential with my institute’s and my own research. I was surprised to see how much I love this part of Germany. I loved exploring the university cities Tübingen and Freiburg; they are historical, but still so young and vibrant. I could actually see myself living in one of those cities in the future.“


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Further information:

Please note that BW_i is only responsible for selecting partcipants of the Baden-Württemberg tour, not for the Nobel Laureate Meetings. If you’re interested in becoming a future participant, visit https://www.lindau-nobel.org/young-scientists/.

Author: Leonie Rörich