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"New Study Computer Science“ is a 6-semester digital study program in English combining theory and practice.

Dual, Digital, International: New Study Computer Science

Starting October 2023, the Cooperative State University Baden-Württemberg (DHBW) offers a unique new bachelor program in the field of Computer Science: „New Study Computer Science“ is a 6-semester digital study program in English - combining theoretical instruction with practical experience at a partner company.

The corona pandemic has accelerated the development of digital teaching. However, a dual study program in Computer Science at bachelor level which can both be studied online and completely in English is a premiere at a public university in Germany. It opens up an interesting path for international students who want to find an early entrance into the German labor market without having to necessarily move to Stuttgart or Mosbach - the two campuses where DHBW will offer „New Study Computer Science“.

Learning in a digital environment

Prof. Dr. Kay Berkling, one of the course directors and project managers of the "New Study Computer Science" program at DHBW, holds a firm belief: "Virtual teaching is effective." Together with two colleagues, she conducted a study analyzing the impact of digital learning and teaching during the coronavirus pandemic. Computer Science Bachelor students were tasked with assessing their own acquired competencies throughout their studies. The findings revealed that all essential competencies were successfully obtained within a digital learning environment.

Berkling further emphasizes the advantages of online platforms in facilitating networking among DHBW students across different academic years. Through these platforms, students are seamlessly connected, enhancing their opportunities for collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Student’s presence required on certain occasions

Nevertheless, even within DHBW's digital study program, physical attendance is necessary in some cases. Kick-off events and examinations, for instance, require students to be present in person. This allows for face-to-face interaction and mutual acquaintance. It should be noted that practical phases are not affected by the online requirements. Apart from being online and in English, the program represents the regular dual Computer Science Bachelor Degree that is known from DHBW.

„Currently, it seems that the program is very attractive not only to international students but also to women, who want to study Computer Science. Some of our students already have Master degrees in other subjects. The diversity of this group is quite a newcomer to the traditional crowd. We still have seats available in the fall and 12 dual partners still looking to hire“, says Berkling.

Applying for „New Study Computer Science“

Applying at DHBW is a bit more involved than at other universities. Students must have an employment contract with one of the corporate partners before they can start their studies. A list of free places at partner companies can be found here.

One who already applied successfully for „New Study Computer Science“ and will thus be part of the program’s first student generation is Yasaman Pandand from Iran. She holds a bachelor degree in Computer Science and is already living in Germany, even if not in Baden-Württemberg. „The fact that I don't have to relocate to Baden-Württemberg played a significant role in my decision, allowing me to pursue my education while staying in Germany“, says Yasaman. Her workplace training provider SAP has been a driving force behind her motivation, she adds. „I am eager to contribute to their innovative solutions.“

While doing a second bachelor’s degree in Computer Science is not the most common path to take, Yasaman explains why it’s the right decision for her: „I have a strong passion for my field and recognize that there is a gap in my education that I’m determined to bridge.“

About DHBW:

The Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) was the first higher education institution in Germany to offer a study model in which students switch regularly between theoretical instruction at the university and practical work at a company.

Benefits of doing a dual study program include financial compensation by an employer and gaining work experience early on. Not surprisingly, DHBW graduates are highly employable. In 2019 and 2020, more than 85 percent of DHBW graduates had signed employment contracts directly upon graduation.

Tip for international students:

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Author: Leonie Rörich