Join Chi-Shiang from Taiwan and Nikita from India on their exciting journey as international students at the University of Stuttgart and watch the other videos of the three-part movie series on YouTube.

Study Start in THE LÄND: An international student’s perspective

A three-part movie series by career start bw reveals how two engineering students successfully master their first year in Baden-Württemberg.

Nikita from India and Chi-Shiang from Taiwan came to Baden-Württemberg for their Master’s in 2022.
After overcoming a number of challenges such as getting their visa on time, finding a place to live, passing their first exams or getting acquainted with the German higher eduaction system, the two international engineering students at the University of Stuttgart have made the German Southwest their home.
New beginnings are never easy, but they’re also full of magic. Such is the experience for many international students who leave behind their homes to embark on a journey full of uncertainties, expectations and hopes. Once the decision has been taken to accept a study place abroad, a whole process of organizing and figuring things out, but also an emotional process of leaving behind and starting somewhere else starts. Whereas hurdles and fears are normal, it definitely feels easier when you know that there are others who have mastered this process successfully. That’s why career start bw accompanied two students from Taiwan and India at the University of Stuttgart with the video camera through their first year. The result is three films which give potential international students real insights into how a successful study start in Baden-Württemberg may look like.

Join Nikita and Chi-Shiang on their exciting journey and watch the three-part movie series by visiting go directly to our  YouTube channel.

Author: Leonie Rörich