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Video about AI research in academia and industry in Baden-Württemberg.

Successful AI research in Baden-Württemberg

Artificial Intelligence has become a key technology for the German Southwest, be it at research institutions or in industry.

It’s little surprising that AI is climbing up its way fast as one of the prime future technologies in Baden-Württemberg once you look at the facts: In no other European country, the innovation potential is so high as in the German state of Baden-Württemberg: 5.8 percent of the gross domestic product went into research and development in 2019.

Baden-Württemberg at the forefront of AI research and innovation: Three examples

But how does the state‘s remarkable innovativeness translate exactly and how do local researchers and companies use AI?

Three examples from research and applied research, showcased in a short movie by Baden-Württemberg International for its brand „career start bw“, highlight the state’s potential, success and diversity of ideas in the field of AI.

  1. At Cyber Valley, Europe’s largest research consortium in the field of artificial intelligence, the best minds from all over the world contribute, amongst other things, to global computer vision research with impact beyond academia: The perceiving systems department of the Max Planck Institute of Intelligent Systems (IS), which is part of Cyber Valley, aims at understanding human behavior by using the world‘s first 4 D body scanner. Data from the scanner is used to generate statistical body models or avatars. These help to understand human motion in images and videos. Major companies all over the world license and use the technology developed at the IS. To learn more about Cyber Valley’s research read also our story about working against bias in AI.
  2. The „AuRorA“ kitchen robot, developped at the computer science research centre / FZI in Karlsruhe brings AI into everyday life. It is integrated in a smart kitchen environment and learns by interacting with humans. AuRorA is the product of many partners in Baden-Württemberg and beyond. This is just one of many exciting projects at FZI: As an independent applied research institution it uses its research findings in the field of informatics to benefit society. The project coordinator of AuRorA, Dr.-Ing. Arne Rönnau works in this spirit. His experiences with scientific competition in the German Southwest? „In Baden-Württemberg it’s not about fighting, it’s about fighting for something together.“
  3. The spin-off „ArtiMinds Robotics“ by Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) sells software which allows industry to program its robots easier and faster. „In Baden-Württemberg there’s this spirit of making things actually work and not shiny“, Dr.-Ing. Darko Katic, Senior Teamleader AI at ArtiMinds Robotics, sums up the LÄND's great potential in AI.
    Read also our story on the Ulm University AI spin-off „Tensor Solutions“.


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Author: Leonie Rörich