Three paths that lead to a doctorate degree

You are so passionate about your field of study that you want to continue your academic career with a doctorate degree. Perfect. Here is what you need to know.

Traditional or individual PhD programs are still very common in Baden-Württemberg. They allow you to pursue your scientific interest with an independent project. A traditional PhD takes three to five years and is usually done at a research university or at a research center. Under certain circumstances, a traditional PhD can also be completed with an industry partner.

Structured doctorate programs are very similar to doctorate programs in English-speaking countries. They follow a curriculum and offer more guidance.

Cooperative doctorate programs are an option if your graduated from a university of applied sciences. At a Promotionskolleg, you work in a team on a research project. Cooperative doctorate programs have been very successful in Baden-Württemberg in recent years.

How to start your PhD

Doctorate degrees from Baden-Württemberg open many doors for a career in academia or the business world. Find out how to get started.

The best structured PhD programs

Structured PhD programs are an excellent way to start your academic or business career in Baden-Württemberg.

Cooperative doctorates

You are interested in non-traditional or part-time PhD programs? Here is what you need to know.