Postdoc positions at companies

If your passion is applied research, a postdoc position at a company may just be perfect for you.

One aspect that makes Baden-Württemberg so appealing for young researchers is the variety of options it offers. Postdoc positions exist at universities and research institutes and also – albeit to a lesser extend – at companies.
Naturally, large international businesses have a greater demand for postdocs working on projects in research and development. But there are also several small to midsize businesses working on future-oriented technologies and new technological solutions. They offer postdoc positions, often in science and engineering, and long-term perspectives.

Career paths in applied research

If your passion is applied research, a position with a company could be highly attractive. There, your work has a direct impact and will reach the market sooner compared to work done in traditional research environments.

Of course, you need to carefully consider whether you are hoping to continue your career at a research university later. In that case, accepting a postdoc position with a company can lower your chances as the path from a business environment back to academia is difficult. But if you dream about a career at a university of applied sciences, the practical experience in a business setting can be an advantage. Often, it is even required.

If you want to stay in a business environment, having worked in a postdoc position in a research & development department is often a great starting point. You may continue to work on exciting research or go on to lead an international team or advance to a management position.