Becoming a professor at a university of applied sciences

If you have either completed your doctorate degree or have substantial practical experience in your field and a strong interest in academic work, research and teaching, a professorship at a university of applied sciences may be right for you.

A professorship at a university of applied sciences requires balanced knowledge and experience in both research, teaching and practical applications. In the engineering sciences, a greater emphasis seems to be placed on research. A professorship at a university of applied sciences can be an alternative to a professorship at a research university, especially if you have spent several years working in an industry position.

Qualifications and requirements

Universities of applied sciences have a different focus than research universities. Thus, it is not surprising that they place a greater focus on teaching of practical knowledge. They require several years of relevant practical experience outside of a university setting for a professorship. A doctorate degree is often required as are teaching experience and other qualifications relevant to each specific position.

The application is submitted directly to the university of applied sciences and the process can differ from university to university. In addition to the formal requirements including a doctorate degree and professional experience, there are often a guest lecture and an interview involved.

Job description

As a professor at a university of applied sciences, one of your main duties is teaching and supervising students’ academic work. You may also be asked to perform some administrative duties and supervise students’ internships. As universities of applied sciences shift increasingly towards doing more research, there is a great opportunity to engage in academic research to a substantial extend. Thus, you have the opportunity to make scientific contributions to your field and make new discoveries. Ask your chosen university about the research opportunities a specific professorship entails.

Professorships at universities of applied sciences can be limited or unlimited. The job description will usually provide information about the status and renumeration of the advertised position.