Where to find open positions

If you are looking for opportunities as a researcher or scientist in Baden-Württemberg, you don’t have to search for too long.

There are plenty of opportunities to start or advance your career – whether you are looking for a position as a post-doc, a lecturer, a researcher, a junior professor or a full professor. Here is a place to start:

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And here are a few more places to start:

  • www.academics.de
    This portal is run by the weekly magazine "ZEIT" and the magazine "Forschung & Lehre". It has a large number of current job offers in teaching and research in the German-speaking countries.
  • www.gerit.org/en/
    GERiT offers a rich database with institutional profiles, job vacancies, doctoral regulations for specific institutions and subject areas, and links to DFG-funded projects.
  • www.duz-wissenschaftskarriere.de
    The job market of the "Deutsche Universitätszeitung" shows the job openings from the last 60 days.
  • www.gain-network.org and www.research-in-germany.de
    Here, you will find information about subject-specific online job markets.
  • The Federal Department of Education and Research provides a searchable list with tenure-track junior professorships in Baden-Württemberg.

Also check the websites of universities and research institutes for listings. Business networks such as Xing and LinkedIn are also good places to look for job offers and interesting positions. Especially relevant: The LinkedIn group bw-career. This group provides lots of valuable information about academic careers in Baden-Württemberg, especially at the doctorate and post-doc level. The group is also a good source for answers to any questions you might have.