Support for researchers with partners, children and families

If you are an international researcher with a partner, a spouse or a family and consider coming to Baden-Württemberg, you will find support in several forms.

International academic careers used to be thought of as a solitary endeavor. Not anymore. Increasingly, universities and research institutes offer support for scientists and their partners or families.

Dual careers

One common scenario are scientists who plan their next career move together. The decision to take a position at a university abroad is often influenced by the career prospects of the significant other. That’s why many universities and research institutes in Baden-Württemberg have established dual career services. Dual career services often offer family assistance and help the highly qualified partner find an attractive position.

The Dual Career Network Germany provides a list of universities that offer dual career services. The list links directly to the dual career offices of the member universities and helps you find the right person to contact.

Not all the universities in Baden-Württemberg belong to this network. This, however, doesn’t mean they don’t offer services for families or researchers with partners. Many universities have family services, a family bureau, and childcare facilities, so check with the university, student services and with the international office for options.

Family-friendly universities

Many universities in Baden-Württemberg are certified as “family friendly” after they have been audited to make sure their processes comply with the requirements. That shows that the universities have taken extra steps to make sure families, single parents or researchers and their spouses can work in an environment that is aware of and supports their life situation.