Work in the economy of the future

Baden-Württemberg’s companies offer exciting job opportunities in future-oriented fields with cutting-edge technologies.

Businesses in Baden-Württemberg are highly innovative. In recent years, more than 80% of investments in research and development were done by companies. The remainder was shared between universities and research institutes. With all this money flowing into innovations, it is no surprise that Baden-Württemberg holds the top spot in terms of patents in Germany.

Sustainable energy and mobility are economic priorities

Many companies in Baden-Württemberg are actively shaping the future in numerous areas, including mobility, computing and health. Sustainable mobility concepts like electro mobility play an increasingly important role. Creating a sustainable energy economy is a priority as well. As these areas are gaining in importance, businesses are looking for well-qualified applicants to take innovation and progress to the next level.

To create synergies between companies, universities, and research institutes, the expertise is pooled in clusters. The clusters provide opportunities to network and exchange knowledge at trade shows, fairs, and events.

Clusters exist in the automotive, biotechnology, energy, finance, forestry and timber sectors, the health industry, IT, lightweight design, logistics, the aerospace industry, mechatronics, the media, culture and creative sector, medical engineering, micro systems and nano technology, new materials and surfaces, photonics, production technology and mechanical engineering, satellite navigation, security technology, telecommunications, the textile and clothing industry, environmental and packaging technology. The Baden-Württemberg cluster portal offers in-depth information about these areas of excellence.

Well-known companies and hidden champions

Daimler, Bosch, Porsche and Hugo Boss are companies based in Baden-Württemberg that are well-known throughout the world. Most companies in Baden-Württemberg, however, are small and midsize companies. They are the engine of the state’s economy and are often hidden champions in their industries. Because they are small and usually privately held, their names may be not as well-known as multinationals, but they frequently produce cutting-edge products.

Businesses are looking for well-qualified applicants to take innovation and progress to the next level.

Places to start your job search

If you are looking for a job after finishing your studies, a good place to start is the career center at your university. They can answer many questions regarding your job search and career planning. Job fairs organized by the state or your region can also provide great opportunities to learn more about future employers. The welcome centers in the different regions in Baden-Württemberg also provide a wealth of useful and practical information.

Don’t be surprised if you see job ads for trainee programs. It is common in Germany to do a trainee program after you graduated. A trainee program can last up to 24 months. During this time, you get to know different areas and departments of your company. Often, a trainee program is geared toward highly qualified young people who may be considered for a role in upper management.