Staying in Germany during your job search

Finding your first job in Baden-Württemberg with your academic degree is exciting. You’re residence permit allows a maximum of 18 months for the process.

You’ve graduated successfully and would like to start your professional career in one of Baden-Württemberg’s exciting companies? Great. Now it’s time to look for a job. The good news: You don’t even have to leave your new hometown while you are job hunting. If you’ve studied on a student visa with a residence permit, you can extend it for 18 months to look for employment.
18 months may sound long, but time flies when you’re searching for a job. That’s why experts recommend starting your search as early as possible, in some cases even during your last semester. While you are looking for a job, you are allowed to work for the yearly maximum of 120 days full time or the 240 days part time with a work permit.