Studying in Baden-Württemberg

Are you planning to study in Baden-Württemberg? Here, you’ll find helpful guidelines for the most important aspects to consider while you pursue your academic career in Germany’s southwestern state – from applications to visas.

Studying abroad is an adventure. The following sections contain useful information about the application process, finances, housing, the student life, and work opportunities after your studies.

You’ll learn about the application processes for restricted and non-restricted fields of study, about on- and off-campus housing, health insurance and finances. In short: You’ll find all the information and resources necessary to make your studies in Baden-Württemberg a success.

How to start studying in BW

At first glance, studying in in a foreign country may seem complicated. But once you know where to find information and support, fulfilling the requirements will be a cinch.

BW has excellent degree programs

Whether you are planning to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in physics or a master’s in engineering, Baden-Württemberg has more than 2500 high-quality accredited degree programs in both English and German for you.

Where to ask for support

Student life in Baden-Württemberg may be different from what you are used to. Don’t worry, there are places to answer your questions and offer support.

What you need to know about work

If you want to find work as an international student in Baden-Württemberg or do an internship, there are a few rules you need to follow.

How to start your career

After graduating from a university in Baden-Württemberg, you have a wealth of career options at your fingertips, ranging from an academic career to founding a start-up.