When to use the services of

Some universities have partnered with uni-assist.de to facilitate the application process.

What is uni-assist.de?

When you read about the application process on your chosen university’s website in Baden-Württemberg, you may come across the term “uni-assist”. What is it and what role does it play in the application process?

Uni-assist is a service provider that supports international students and university in the application process by:

  • evaluating the secondary education certificates and diplomas to see if they fulfill the criteria
  • translating grades from abroad into the German grading system
  • informing students about the documents required by their chosen university
  • registering all documents required for your application
  • facilitating multiple applications
  • informing the student about the results of their applications.

Additionally, uni-assist.de provides useful information about translation and the official certification of copies so that you can submit the right documents.

There are several universities in Baden-Württemberg that work with uni-assist, as you can see in the searchable database on their website. Make sure you always double check with your chosen university. Admission procedures can change and you want to be up to date.  

Just to be clear: uni-assist.de does exactly what its name says – it assists in the application process. Uni-assist.de is not an admission agency and does not make any decisions regarding your studies. It just helps in the process of evaluating and submitting your documents.

Because of their expertise, several universities require students to submit their applications through uni-assist.de, so the universities know the transcripts, certificates and diplomas have been evaluated according to certain standards.

Some universities want you to have your documents evaluated by uni-assist.de but still require you to submit your application yourself – by mail or online. Because the instructions vary from university to university, read the websites carefully and follow the prescribed steps.


The Vorprüfungsdokumentation (VPD)

Uni-assist.de offers a Vorprüfungsdokumentation, which several universities in Baden-Württemberg require. While it may sound complicated, it’s not. The VDP is a pre-review of your documents.

Because educational systems vary greatly in different geographies and different cultures, it is not always easy to establish what skills and knowledge graduates from foreign secondary educational institutions actually possess. This is not a statement about the quality but rather a refection of the fact that some countries may be more science oriented, others place a greater emphasis on humanities and others again assign great importance to practical and transferable skills.

Simply put, uni-assist.de evaluates all the documents and issues a certificate that states which documents you submitted, which criteria you fulfill, at which level you may start your studies (Studienkolleg, bachelor’s degree, master’s program) and how your grades are rated in the German system. Several universities require you to submit the VDP along with your application. See your chosen university’s website for details.

If you have an account at uni-assist.de und apply for universities that require a VDP, uni-assist.de will start with the process to issue a VPD. A VPD can take 4-6 weeks so please allow enough time that you can meet the application deadline at the university of your choice.

Uni-assist.de charges a fee for its services. Please check the website for the current rates.