How to apply directly to a university in Baden-Wuerttemberg

The international office at your chosen university provides helpful resources. Here is what you need to consider.

The main direct application processes at universities in Baden-Wuerttemberg

Baden-Wuerttemberg is known for its diverse educational landscape. You can study at a research university, a university of applied sciences, a university of education as well as an art or music academy. Naturally, the institutions have different application processes. The process may also vary between a bachelor’s and a master’s program. As a first step, check with the university of your choice if you can apply directly or have to go through or follow any other process.

If you can apply directly, you need to submit all necessary documents including officially notarized and translated copies of your diplomas, transcripts, and language certificates, among others, to the university of your choice. Check with the university to find out about the required documents and deadlines.

Application to universities of applied sciences in Baden-Wuerttemberg

Universities of Applied Sciences in Baden-Wuerttemberg work closely with the Center for International Students of the University of Applied Sciences in Konstanz. The center evaluates your records and issue the necessary certification for your application to the university of applied sciences of your choice. The Center also offers useful information and webinars about the application process.

The Center for International Students also offers Studienkolleg courses and advises you in case you need additional qualifications before you can start your studies in Baden-Württemberg. Check their website for deadlines, requirements and useful information.

Academies, conservatories and universities of arts and music

Not surprisingly, the admission process is different at universities und academies of arts and music. Your artistic work and talents play an important role and often you have to submit portfolios and reels demonstrating your abilities and talents. You may have to take an entrance test as well. Check the respective website for the exact requirements and deadlines. Often, the institutions offer preparatory courses for the entrance exams as well.

Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University

The Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg / DHBW ) is unique because it combines university studies with practical professional training. In order to enroll at the university, you have to present a signed contract with one of the accredited providers of workplace training. Because the application process is unique, you need to contact the international office at the campus where you want to study to get all the necessary information for your application including a list of the professional workplace partners.

Universities of education in Baden-Wuerttemberg

Baden-Wuerttemberg has six universities of education that focus on education future teachers in primary, secondary, special needs and public education on a high-quality scientific basis. The admission processes vary not only from university to university but also from subject to subject. Please read the guidelines on your chosen university’s site carefully – in some cases you are required to go through while also applying directly at the university. Some universities also require you to do a “career counseling for teachers” online test. In some cases, applicants from EU-countries are asked to follow the general application procedure while applicants from countries outside the EU have to go through to obtain one of the spots reserved for international students at the respective university. It is best to check with the university of their choice and read their requirements carefully. Some universities have an FAQ section as well as a contact person for special questions.