How to find a private student apartment in Baden-Württemberg

Finding an apartment as an international student in Baden-Württemberg can be challenging. Here are a few pointers.

Finding a private apartment or room to rent can be difficult for international students as the housing market is tight in many university towns. However, if you have the financial resources and value your privacy, looking for a private room or apartment may be worth it. Most experts on student housing recommend starting to look about 6 months in advance, which can be challenging if you don’t live in Germany already.

When living in an apartment, you are more independent and can focus on your studies, which can be especially important during your master’s or Ph.D. program. If you come with your family, living in an apartment can also be a good alternative to a family place in a dormitory.

Where to look for a private apartment

A good place to start looking is the Studierendenwerk at your chosen university in Baden-Württemberg. Often, they do not only provide information about dorm rooms but also run a bulletin board or a search function for apartments. The Studierendenwerk Stuttgart, for example, offers a database for private rooms as a service.

It just provides the platform, however, but does not check the landlords. So make sure you do your due diligence and read the warnings about phony landlords. Unfortunately, even though most landlords are trustworthy and fair, there are some bad actors who take advantage of people who need to find affordable housing quickly.

Private real estate and rental portals offer searches for private student apartments. Some apartments are further away from your university or the city but are more affordable. Make sure you make an appointment to look at the apartment and also check the public transport and shopping opportunities beforehand.


How to find short-term rentals

If you come to Baden-Württemberg to study but haven’t found a place to live yet, you can look for short-term housing. This includes furnished apartments or hotels and hostels as well as short-term rentals in student housing. Some vacation homes or apartments are also open to extended stays.

Most Studierendenwerke in Baden-Württemberg offer databases for commission-free rentals including short-term rentals.

You can also look for a “subletting section” under student housing at the Studierendenwerk’s websites. If students take a few months off to travel or complete their internships or research programs in a foreign location or enroll in a semester abroad, they offer furnished apartments or rooms to rent for a limited time.

This allows you to get settled in your new place, start your studies and find a place to live with less pressure and more time on your hands.