How to find a place to live

Many of Baden-Württemberg’s universities are located in attractive cities or towns. These places are great to live in but the housing market may be crowded. Here is what you need to know.

You’ve been accepted at your dream university in Baden-Württemberg and can’t wait to start your studies. But before the semester begins, you need to find a place to life.

You can choose between several options: You can live in a dormitory (internal link), a shared apartment (WG) or in an apartment by yourself. Each option has advantages or disadvantages that are described in greater detail in the respective sections.

Keep in mind, however, that the housing market gets crowded at the start of each semester so it’s best to start your search as early as possible. Some universities offer packages for incoming international students for the first semester that include housing and health insurance. Inquire as early as possible at the international office of your university whether packages are available and see if that is a good option for you.

Tips on how to find a apartment

Finding a private apartment or studio as an international student in Baden-Württemberg can be challenging. Here are the most promising places to start your search.

Life in a WG – thumbs up or down

Living in a shared apartment during your studies can be a great experience. You’ll be immersed in the German language and culture. But there are some pitfalls to avoid.

Find out about life in a dorm

Living in a dormitory during your studies in Baden-Württemberg offers many advantages. Inquire with the international office at your university to find out about applications and deadlines.