Student visa and residence permits explained

Part of the fun of living in a different country is that many aspects of everyday life are – well, different. While this is normally exciting and a great cultural learning experience, it can be confusing at times. Case in point: Obtaining your student visa and residence permit.

Even if it seems puzzling, don’t be discouraged. There are clear processes and once you follow the necessary steps, you’ll find it much easier to understand the difference, you will know how to apply for either one or both.

Just read the requirements carefully, allow enough time and have all the necessary documents ready, and you’ll get through the process.

The differences between student visas and residence permits

Once you’ve entered Germany on a student visa and found a place to live, you’ll need to apply for a residence permit. This is also true for students from countries that may be exempt from a student visa. Read on to find more information on student visas and residence permits.

Student visas in Germany

Obtaining a student visa in Germany can seem complicated. But if you follow the right steps and allow enough time, you will increase your chances of success.

The steps to a residence permit

You came to Baden-Württemberg on a student visa, but to actually study here, you need a residence permit. Find out what to do to obtain the necessary papers for your studies.