Baden-Württemberg offers high-quality academic degrees in many areas

Baden-Württemberg is known for its top-notch academic education. The institutes of higher education have a clear future-oriented focus and offer more than 2500 excellent academic degree programs that will prepare you for the future.

You will be able to contribute to solutions that shape the future of mobility, the future of life-sciences, the future of media and arts and many more. Baden-Württemberg has high quality programs in every area, whether you are interested in engineering, natural sciences, social sciences, artificial intelligence, teaching or the arts. The study search engine will help you find the right university in Baden-Württemberg with the bachelor’s, master’s, or PhD program you are looking for.

Accredited academic degrees

As an international student, it may be especially important to you to have an academic degree that is internationally accepted. Baden-Württemberg’s universities offer bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD programs that are compliant with international standards. A degree from an accredited university allows you to continue your education elsewhere. It also demonstrates that your academic education follows internationally accepted standards.

Find the right degree for you

Baden-Württemberg is a leading state in Germany in providing a top-notch academic education. Find out which program and which university is right for you.

Universities degrees explained

If you plan to study for a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Baden-Württemberg in Germany, here is what you need to know.