Support for international students

When you arrive in a new city and a new country, some aspects of your life as a student may seem confusing. There are many offices, agencies and service providers that can support you. Just ask.

When you plan your studies in Germany, you may wonder where you’ll find support. Don’t worry, there are many resources available, ranging from financial support in the form of stipends or scholarships to help with housing and family issues.

One of the first points of contact are the International Offices at Baden-Württemberg’s universities. Student services, called Studierendenwerke, are often a great resource as well. Welcome Centers in several cities in Germany’s southwestern state also support foreign students and graduates, especially when it comes to finding work or participating in cultural activities.

How to obtain scholarship grants

Several foundations offer scholarship money for international students in Baden-Württemberg. Here is what you need to know.

Information and support

Student life in Baden-Württemberg leaves you puzzled? Don’t worry, student services and other institutions offer answers, advice, and support.

Get ready to study in BW

Webinars provide insights and useful information for your academic career as a student or young researcher in Baden-Württemberg.