How to start working as a student

Whether you are looking for an internship or a part-time job during your studies, there are a few things you need to consider.

Working while studying abroad can be a great experience. You gain valuable skills and learn more about the culture. Having relevant work experience can also provide you with good connections and can help you find a job later.  

Baden-Württemberg is one of the leading economic regions in Germany and in the European Union. The southwestern German state is home to internationally renowned companies and thousands of small and mid-size businesses.

Baden-Württemberg is known for its innovations, the pioneering spirit and the successful collaboration between universities and businesses. More than 5% of Baden-Württemberg’s GDP is invested in research and development. The investments pay off: Baden-Württemberg is the most innovative region in the EU. That makes it an ideal springboard for your future – whether you choose an academic or a business career.

If an internship is required as part of your studies, you benefit twice. By finding employment as an intern, you learn about the job market and the working life in Baden-Württemberg. At the same time, you obtain the necessary prerequisites to complete or advance your studies.

As an international student, there are some rules that you have to follow when applying for a job. The section “work permit” provides some guidance. The sections “student jobs” and “internships” also provide useful information.

Wanted: Student jobs

If you want to work besides your studies, you need to pay attention to some rules.

The ins and outs of internships

Interships provide valuable work experience and workplace connections for international students in Baden-Württemberg. Here is what you need to know.

Finding a job

As an international student, you can ask at your university or the labor office for a job. Here is what you need to know.