PhD Project "Functional roles of membrane-bound organelles during mitosis" (Schlaitz_0222) - Heidelberg University

Date: 01/11/2022
Application Deadline: 31/10/2022

This project aims to uncover how spindle ER is generated and which functions it serves during mitosis.

Mitotic cell division generates two functional daughter cells with a full complement of chromosomes and essential cytoplasmic components. The rearrangements and roles of microtubules and chromosomes during mitosis are well studied. More recently, it has emerged that membrane-bound organelles and their associated proteins also contribute to mitotic division. We have recently observed that the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) forms a discrete subdomain during mitosis, which we call spindle ER. Spindle ER has a distinct composition and interacts with the spindle region, which is devoid of general ER. We believe that spindle ER could mediate signaling between chromosomes and cytoplasmic components during mitosis and have already identified candidate proteins that could promote the emergence of this ER domain. 
Thesis project: This project aims to uncover how spindle ER is generated and which functions it serves during mitosis. To this end, we will characterize the properties of spindle ER and investigate the determinants of spindle ER formation. This research at the interface of cell cycle and organelle biology aims to uncover unappreciated mitotic pathways to eventually obtain a more comprehensive understanding of cell division.

Personal qualifications:

We are looking for students who are keen to investigate fundamental cell biological questions related to the organization of membrane-bound organelles and their functions during mitosis. Candidates should have a background in molecular cell biology, biochemistry or related fields, be passionate about experimental research, enjoy working in an international team and be comfortable communicating in English.

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