Top research and study opportunities in BW

Baden-Württemberg is a great place for scientists, researchers, and students. It is home to more state universities than any other state in Germany, and at the same time has the most differentiated higher education system with six different types of higher education institutions. There is also a concentration of renowned research institutes engaging in cutting-edge research.

The southwestern German state has 9 research universities, 23 universities of applied sciences, the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University with 9 locations, 6 universities of education, and 11 universities of arts and music.

In addition, there are more than 25 state-recognized private and church universities, two federal universities, as well as the Academy of Performing Arts, the Film Academy, and the Pop Academy. To find out more, see our map or an alphabetical list.

The educational landscape in Baden-Württemberg has evolved to best fit the needs of the state’s businesses, the public administrations, the schools, hospitals, and many other entities. They provide a future-oriented education in ways that are relevant and ideally suited for the chosen career-paths of their attendees. The different kinds of educational and scientific institutions are explained in this section.

The universities in Baden-Württemberg are well-known internationally for their excellence in research and education. They place highly in international rankings, confirming the outstanding work they do.

Research institutes in Baden-Württemberg

Non-university research institutes in Baden-Württemberg are actively working on technologies, products, and processes for the future. They engage in both basic research and applied research in a variety of fields ranging from biology and medicine to engineering as well as computer and social sciences. Among the top institutes are Fraunhofer Institutes, Max Planck Institutes, Leibniz Institutes, Helmholtz Institutes, the Hahn-Schickard Gesellschaft and others.

As a young researcher, you will find plenty of opportunities to engage in and contribute to ground-breaking research and discoveries. Research coming out of Baden-Württemberg’s universities and research institutes have changed the world profoundly several times in the past and are poised to do so again in the future. See the alphabetical list and map to find the right research institute for your academic interest and expertise.

High rankings

Baden-Württemberg’s universities are ranked among the best in Germany and place high on an international basis.

Countless opportunities to study

Baden-Württemberg has a very diverse educational landscape. The southwestern German state is home to research universities, universities of applied sciences and many more.