A great choice of universities of arts and music 

Baden-Württemberg has the largest number of universities of arts and music, academies, and conservatories in all of Germany. If music and the arts are your chosen career, you will find many exciting opportunities in the southwestern German state.

11 universities are dedicated to the arts and music in Baden-Württemberg. Their fields of study include classical and modern music, dance, acting, film and animation, fine arts and design. The quality of the universities, academies, and conservatories is well known internationally and confirmed by a large network of academic partners around the world.

Young musicians can expand their repertoire and acquire specific skills such as aural training, conducting and composing and gain expertise in music theory and the principles of music education. Artists can advance their work and skills in the areas of fine and applied arts, media and filmmaking as well as other forms of electronic media.

The Film Academy, the Pop Academy and the Academy of Performing Arts are contemporary additions that complement the educational landscape in Baden-Württemberg.