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Arriving in Baden-Württemberg as an international student

Becoming an international student means embarking on an adventurous journey. The first weeks following the arrival at the new study destination are challenging. Yuqi, a Master student of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at the University of Stuttgart, remembers her first weeks after coming from China to Baden-Württemberg.

When did you arrive in Stuttgart?

I arrived in Stuttgart in September 2015.

Before you left home: What advice did your family or friends give to you before you left?

My parents told me that if I missed the delicious food they cook, I can immediately video chat with them.

Which memories do you have of your arrival?

I arrived in Stuttgart in the evening. A student I had met online a month ago was supposed to welcome me at the airport. I was a bit worried that the student who was going to pick me up would not find me, because my flight was delayed.  But it worked out fine and we took the train from the airport to the University of Stuttgart in Vaihingen. Only when I arrived at the university, I started to look at my surroundings. At first sight, the Vaihingen campus looked like a fairy tale world to me: bridges, a small lake, and a large forest. I still love the beautiful campus. I often buy lunch in the university canteen and eat it in front of the lake. For me this is part of having a nice and relaxed time.

How were your first weeks in your new home? What did you do to settle in?

During the first week, I prepared the documents for enrollment. I also chatted with strangers in a youth hostel where I stayed first.

I also participated in all events for freshmen organized by the University of Stuttgart. For my degree program in electrical engineering and information technology, each freshman received a supervising professor who helped us adjust quickly to the new life at the university. That was great!

Do you remember any funny, awkward, or surprising situation as a stranger in a new place?

I remember that a young couple brought me back to university when I got lost in the woods near the Uni Campus Vaihingen.

Do you have any tip(s) for the new international students to settle fast and smoothly in Baden-Württemberg? A Do and a Don’t?

A Do: It is helpful to participate in the many events organized by the university.

A Don’t: Don't be shy about asking for help, when you are confronted with a problem you can't solve on your own.


Additional info:

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Author: Leonie Rörich