Living in a dorm in Germany

How to find a room in a dormitory in Baden-Württemberg and other useful tips.

As an international student, you may want to live in a dormitory. Most universities in Baden-Württemberg have their own dorms with single rooms or family rooms. Living in a dorm offers many advantages: You are close to lecture and dining halls and have access to facilities such as laundry rooms. Dorms are an inexpensive alternative to apartments and even to WGs.

In dorms, you have the chance to meet students that are also new to the area and explore the city and surroundings together. Some dorms have tutors for international students who help them with everyday questions and organize trips and excursions.

To get an overview of the dorms available in the city in Baden-Württemberg where you will study, you can search this database. Please check with the International Office of your chosen university to find out about dormitory arrangements and application deadlines. Sometimes, universities have special packages for international students, including housing arrangements, meal plans and insurance for the first semester, so make sure to ask about them. Usually, dorm rooms are popular and available spaces fill up quickly.

The dorms are run by the local student services provider (Studierendenwerk) at your university in Baden-Württemberg. The student service provider processes the applications for dorm rooms and assigns the room. Often, you can apply online.