Life after your studies

Congratulations – you’re about to graduate from a university in Baden-Württemberg. Now it’s time to plan what you want to do afterwards. With your qualifications from a renowned university, you have many attractive options to choose from.

Graduation from a university, a university of applied sciences, a university of education or an academy of arts or music is a huge accomplishment – even more so if you are an international student and have managed to learn the language.

With your degree in hand, you can start applying for a job. Your residence permit allows 18 months for the process. Your degree provides you with many choices: You can pursue an academic career and continue to work in a university setting. Research institutes offer interesting career prospects as well.

If you are more drawn to a career in business, Baden-Württemberg is the ideal place. Many companies are headquartered here and regularly hire from Baden-Württemberg’s academic institutions. The companies range from small and highly innovative technology firms to well-known car manufacturers and international brands.

Maybe your studies took your creativity to the next level, and you came up with a great business-related or technical innovation. Now, you want to start your own business. As a founder of a start-up, there are several resources available and a few guidelines you have to keep in mind.

Great jobs in Baden-Württemberg

Be a part of the economy of the future. Baden-Württemberg offers exciting job opportunities for well-qualified graduates from the state’s universities.

The path to your own start-up

You want to found your own start-up in Baden-Württemberg. Here is what you need to know.

Start your research career

Innovation is in Baden-Württemberg’s DNA and if you look for a career in science and research, you’ve come to the right place.

Extend your visa

While you’re looking for a job after your graduation from a university in Baden-Württemberg, you can legally stay in Germany.