Private universities complement the educational landscape

In addition to excellent public universities, Baden-Württemberg is also home to 28 private universities.

In the rich and diverse educational landscape in Baden-Württemberg, almost 30 private universities have their place alongside public universities and research institutes. They often specialize in specific fields such as business administration, economics, digital media, cultural studies as well as art and art therapy. Some schools of higher education are run by churches and specialize in church music or religious studies.

Funding and accreditation

The private universities and institutes of higher education don’t receive significant amounts of public funding. That is the main reason why they have to charge tuition fees. Most private universities offer bachelor’s and master’s degrees as well as certificates and diplomas.
One exception is the Zeppelin University in Friedrichshafen. Rather than focusing on one area of study, its approach is interdisciplinary between business, culture, and politics. Zeppelin University is the only private university in Baden-Württemberg that offers doctoral studies and degrees. It receives funding from a foundation as well as from research collaborations and student fees.

If you plan to study at a private university, be aware that the degree has to be state-approved if you want to work in another academic setting. Employers may also require a state-approved degree. The German Rectors' Conference maintains a list of all state-run and state-approved higher educational institutions in Germany.